Mental health issues – in colour and 3D


The exhibition by ‘artists with lived experience of mental health issues’, showing at Summerhall in Edinburgh, has some important messages for the people running our benefits system, and also our health service. Taking in the art on display, and reading the accompanying descriptions by the artists, one becomes aware of the personal significance of each piece, and the strength that must be needed first to make it and then to show it to the public. But I hope that the other artists will forgive me for just focussing on two artists whose work will resonate with everyone who has been on health related benefits. The first is Lauren Stonebanks, whose collage box included the sad note above, and was given this explanatory label


Lauren also has another piece in the exhibition, though she is only tangentially responsible for it. This is a bashed in door


for which she has supplied the following explanation


The author of the second piece describes themselves only as ‘B’. B has created a comment on the huge number of pills people are prescribed and their debilitating side effects. Each new pill seems to require a further prescription to balance it out. I have often wanted to question the pages long prescriptions accompanying some of the benefit applications I have helped with: I hope some doctors see this work!



The exhibition runs until 30 October.

exhibition website



2 thoughts on “Mental health issues – in colour and 3D

  1. this looks brilliant must go up and see it. Wouldn’t it be great to put it on outside a job centre or princess st at the mound outside the galleries, don’t know just think it would be good for it to get more exposure.


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