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Sources of help and advice in Dundee, 18-08-13 Dundee info

A leaflet to give to Jobcentre workers, drawn up by Salford Unemployed Community Resource Centre – Law on Social Security for DWP workers

Here are the DWP Decision Makers’ Guides for Universal Credit

DWP Guidance Documents – these are the rules that the private companies working for the DWP (such as Working Links, Learndirect and Triage) are expected to follow.

DWP Decision Makers Guide for JSA Sanctions – This explains the rules for the people who decide whether you are sanctioned

DWP handbook for people carrying out Work Capability Assessments. If anyone questions your freedom to take notes, refer them to page 155.

DWP guide for PIP assessors. The section on your right to be accompanied is on page 30.