Getting the Dundee Buroo Tan


Written for our Ballads of Dundee Buroo gig last autumn, to be sung to the tune of the Lambeth Walk:

‘Looking good, you been away?’

‘Outside the buroo’, you’ll hear me say

‘Helping with all I can, and

Getting the Dundee Buroo tan’


Every stroppy Dundee Lass

Get yourself up off yer arse

Come on you bolshie man, and

Let’s get the Dundee Buroo tan


Don’t let the DWPsy

Do as they darn well pleasy

Let’s all of us make our way there.

Go there, stay there


Once we get down Wellgate way

We’ll make sure we have our say

We’re gonna scupper their plan, while

Getting the Dundee Buroo tan – Eh!




One thought on “Getting the Dundee Buroo Tan

  1. Dundee Buroo
    What can I do ?

    Ye mak a man sae weary,
    With aye your rules an
    Work Coach fools,
    Their faces dour an dreary

    How came it that a Scotsman
    Born under the saltire blue,
    Should have to live by English rules,
    And suffer by them too ?

    What do I care a Dundee man,
    For rules in London made ?

    Why must I scrape to sassenachs
    To gie some pennies of aid ?

    To sign their scripts and bow the knee,
    And speaking quiet and meek,
    Gie them all the details of my
    Jobsearch for the week,

    Ach man ! It seems sae wrong to me
    No sooner out the door,

    Than I see the Dundee Buroo,
    An there I am once more !

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