Warning – that SUWN woman’s coming into the jobcentre!


Last week I accompanied someone into the jobcentre. All went smoothly, but we were amused to discover that her ‘Job Coach’ had been warned by reception that I was coming in, and offered someone to sit with him if he wanted. And, while I have no reason to doubt the sincerity of the Job Coach’s belief that his role was to help his clients, I do think questions need to be raised about the amount of intensely personal information that the DWP requires people to give them. We have argued that training schemes and work experience should be voluntary and independent of the DWP, and the same should go for other forms of help and advice.

I also noticed that the Home Fundraising man was recruiting inside the jobcentre again. Doorstep fundraising is tough work that exposes people to all sorts of abuse, and no one should feel under any pressure to take this sort of job – especially from a company that has some pretty mixed reviews online, including a lot of comments about only being paid for the time on the doors and not for all the travel.

On a more positive note – a bit more advice from Dundee City Council for people needing proof of identity in order to get Universal Credit. If you are a council tenant or otherwise have dealings with your local council you should be able to get a National Entitlement Card. This website gives the details.

Thanks for helping with the stall to Tony, Gary and Norma


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