If you thought you’d seen the last of these ’employability’ businesses…

A little mole has sent us the list of the organisations who have won the contracts for Scotland’s new training schemes that will start next April – and it’s horribly familiar. Not really a surprise because we knew who the Scottish Government have been talking to, but here it is in black and white. Of course the very fact that the Scottish Government continues to use the term ‘employability’, with its implication that people are unemployed not because of lack of jobs but because they are unemployable, is hardly encouraging. It is difficult to imagine that companies that moulded themselves to the box-ticking sanction-generating regime of the Tory Work Programme will have much useful to offer in the way of the genuine person-centred training we had been promised. The only – but very important – compensation is that this time these schemes won’t be mandatory or sanctionable. We must make sure that this is made clear to everyone involved so they know that they are free to leave if the training isn’t helping them.

The following is a direct quote from our anonymous mole’s email, as sent to us and other activists. The comments are theirs:

Full list of Fair Start Scotland providers is:

Edinburgh – Working Links (calling themselves Start Scotland and masquerading as a charity with the Lennox Partnership who have form for sanctioning)

Glasgow – People Plus (A4E)

Lanarkshire – Remploy (maximus)

Tayside – Remploy!!

Aberdeen – Momentum 

Reserved lot for ‘supported business’ – Wise Group who are NOT a supported business

South West – Working Links!!

Highlands Islands – People Plus!!

Forth Valley – Falkirk Council

[At least we’re spared our old friends at Triage! – SUWN]


4 thoughts on “If you thought you’d seen the last of these ’employability’ businesses…

  1. You’ll never see the last of these companies bearing in mind the profits they can make.
    It’s like Count Dracula looking for a bite, the search is endless.


  2. Typical of this ‘government’

    Only interested in getting it devolved with no real interest in how it’s delivered.

    It’s a ‘fair and proper public tender exercise’ they will say. Well, what powers do they have from stopping the very organisations they wanted to move away from, from bidding?!

    “Hepburn adds: “But we also have a clear ambition… about the real need for a very much person-centred focus, recognising that individuals, every human being is complex and has various facets to their lives and there’s going to be a variety of barriers to employment or issues that might arise over the course of a person’s engagement with our programme.”

    Same shit, different name.


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