Keeping Welfare at the Centre of the Fight for Indy


On 26 August SUWN marched with other Indy supporters through Dunfermline.

This video shows Tony’s speech at the Dunfermline rally. He will be speaking for the SUWN again at the rally in George Square on the 16 September.

We have always found huge support for welfare issues from Indy campaigners, and our Dunfermline leaflet explained

Why WELFARE is at the CENTRE of the FIGHT for INDY

We are fighting for a fairer Scotland – not just for a change of flag but for the opportunity to create a better society, with decent social security for everyone.

To make sure this happens, our demand for that better society has to be an integral part of our demand for Independence. At the same time, our campaign for decent social security exposes the brutality of the current Westminster system and the limits of devolved powers.

The Scottish government has recognised social security as a human right, but it could and should be much bolder in its redistribution of the few resources we have and in challenging Westminster’s power to leave Scottish citizens destitute. We will only achieve that better Scotland if we do all we can to ‘work as if you live in the early days of a better nation’ – and then push to be able to do more.

Corbyn was also in Fife that day, so our leaflet ended: P.S. If you bump into Jeremy Corbyn, please tell him that British unionism has no place in the labour movement.

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