Atos acknowledges the right to take notes

Notepad and pen

We have received this prompt and positive response to our complaint about people being refused permission to take notes in PIP assessments. We hope that the assessors also respond as positively. If anyone suffers similar problems, please let us know.

From PIP Customer Service Support at Independent Assessment Services (the new name for Atos Healthcare):

I am sorry to hear that you have encountered two occasions where the Health Professional has not allowed the accompanying individual to take notes.

This is something, that as an organisation, we allow and not something that should be refused.

I will certainly speak to the assessment centre involved to prevent this from happening in the future.


9 thoughts on “Atos acknowledges the right to take notes

  1. It’s time that ALL assessments were video’d as a matter of course giving nasic protection to clients and holding assessers to basic honesty and truth!
    God knows they have lost the right to be trusted!!


  2. I had PIP Assessment in June. The Health Professional refused to allow me to see what she had written. She should have given me an overview of her findings so that I had opportunity to correct any inaccuracies before consultation ended. This didn’t happen. I am in process of a complaint against Health Professional personally.

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  3. I always record any assessment and put on the forms ALL VERBAL COMMUNICATION WILL BE AUDIO RECORDED, if they want to push I say I ALSO DO VIDEO AS WELL. I have badges on my coat and any one could be recording.


    1. They do have very specific rules about recording. You can request in advance that the assessment is recorded, though this isn’t guaranteed. They make two copies and give one to you.


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