SUWN on Google maps

SUWN on Google maps

I’ve just noticed that the Google maps picture of Dundee Jobcentre has the SUWN stall outside.

And here are the accompanying reviews (of the jobcentre not us) sorted by ‘most helpful’:

Michelle M, 8 months ago, ★

poor service by poorly qualified staff, they don’t really care about you or the work you do and espacially do not give a monkeys if you have a health condition which limits your capabilities to work, they treat the public like scum and think everyone is a drug addict who only wants a quick fix i am fed up of public service workers being so vile towards people who try their best to find jobs we are all not lazy time wasters who dont want to work some of us have had well over 200 interviews in addition to this the mandatory work fare slave labour is rubbish and don’t forget the sanctions for not filling in your diary the way they want you too sorry but the diaries are lame and are no real help especially when you find out you are always applying for the same jobs again and again, also the out of date vacancies are pathetic on their job points or the non existent ones too

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John Thow, 7 months ago, ★

Horrible people who care nothing about you or the situation you find yourself in all they care about is there numbers and getting there own pay check at the end of the day if you ask me they are the scum of the earth they actually look for ways to mess you about its ridiculous

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Darren Pennie, 10 months ago, ★

Only got one star cuz couldn’t give none there the most unhelpful people around don’t care ab9ut you the only care about their targets!

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Paul Bryson, 6 months ago, ★

Possibly one of the worst experiences ever,treated as if i was a disobedient child,who should not talk back,look at my Gym bag or have my mobile phone in my hand and this was myself signing on after being made redundant.I suggest anyone who is treated in the same manner to report their so-called work coach.

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Tony Nycz, 3 years ago, ★

The worst experience in my life because I couldnt get hrough on the phone but if you have internet tickety boo oh yes bugger them all

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Gail Jack, a year ago, ★★★★★

Very helpful and very efficient.


Raymond Paterson, a year ago, ★★★★

Nice staff


Craig Mcphee, 6 months ago, ★★★


hal mckay, 7 months ago, ★



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