Scotland Against Slavery


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The pictures show our stall in Dundee yesterday – carefully positioned opposite Debra who are a persistent workfare exploiter. (Thanks to Jonathan for the foties.) Despite the bitter spring weather we got out hundreds of leaflets (16-04-24 end forced labour – range demo) informing people about this government-sponsored slavery and about our next protest outside The Range – which we will be holding jointly with Dundee Trades Council on 7th May at 1pm.

Since our first protest outside The Range on Easter Monday we have been inundated with accounts of appalling treatment of both paid employees and workfare labour. These sound as though they had come from a Victorian jute mill rather than a modern store – including weeks of back to back 12 hour shifts and allegations of sexual impropriety. This behaviour can’t go unchallenged.

The leaflet asks people to:

  • Let people know what is happening
  • Tell us if you know of places exploiting people through workfare so we can publicise this
  • Make a complaint in writing or in person to the manager of exploiting businesses or organisations
  • Boycott exploiting businesses and organisations until they withdraw from the scheme
  • Ask anyone you know who has been sent on these schemes to contact us so we can help them
  • Join our protests against slave labour schemes – including our demo outside The Range on 7 May
  • Sign our petition

We have launched a petition calling on Dundee City Council to make Dundee a No-Workfare City. This is an idea that received unanimous support from the Dundee Fairness Commission, and we are calling for it to be translated into action.

The petition reads:

We believe that a fair day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay, and no-one should be forced to work for benefits. We call on Dundee City Council to do all in their power, without delay, to MAKE DUNDEE A NO WORKFARE CITY.

We call on the City Council to agree that it will not itself be party to any workfare schemes and that it will make non-participation a condition for any organisation in receipt of council funding.

We also call on the Council to give official backing to a well-publicised campaign to give formal recognition to all businesses and organisations who agree not to participate in these schemes

Please sign and share with Dundee friends.

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