The Range: exploit us and we will shut you down

Range 2

The latest protest against the use of the Work Program, the DWP sponsored slave scheme, took place today, and passed off without any major incidents, although, as you can see from the phoaties, that didn’t stop five of Dundee’s ‘finest’ being called by management. We have to say that the polis were a helluva lot quicker to respond to the call out than they were last week, when an unemployed man called them following a claimed assault at the hands of DWP security at Wellgate buroo.

Range 3

We received a very good response from the many shoppers that we spoke to, including one woman who informed us that she had went to the Range with her son a couple of weeks ago to inquire as to the availability of jobs, only to be told by the manager, ‘why should we employ anyone when we can get labour for nothing from the job centre?’ Many other shoppers also regaled us with stories involving family members who had direct experience of the DWP’s various slave labour schemes. The founder of the Range has boasted that ‘his ethos in business is to make as much profit as possible’. This is probably helped by the fact that the Dundee store has been reported as dropping the hours of their, already poorly paid, full time workers, which is only made possible through the use of DWP conscript labour.

Range 1

Quite a few shoppers turned on their heels when they heard what the Range management were up to, and many others stopped to talk and offer support before going in to give the manager a hard time. All in all, it was a very pleasant way to spend a sunny Easter Monday, and we can assure the Range management that if they continue to profit by slave labour we will be back.

Many thanks to the dozen or so volunteers who made the protest so successful, and Alan Cowan, the Labour candidate for the Maryfield Ward by election, who also joined us to show support.

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