Efficiency DWP style

All those people kept waiting for weeks for their benefits may be surprised to learn that the DWP can be get things done even before time if they want to. We were rung up three weeks back by Kiera from Glasgow who couldn’t understand why she was being called into the jobcentre for an interview. Kiera is a single mum with a baby. She is on ESA and finds it very hard to go out of the house at all. Although the interview letter came out of the blue, it transpired that Kiera had had a Work Capability Assessment recently. When I rang the DWP they told me that they had decided on the basis of this to move her to the Work Related Activity Group, which means that they can call her in for ‘work related activities’; but as they had only just made the decision and notification goes out second class, she hadn’t been told yet. And what about the baby? Once your youngest child is one you can be called in for a work-related interview, and this is clearly what had happened. But not only had Kiera not received her ESA letter yet, her son was not due to be one for another fortnight. Clearly the DWP just couldn’t wait to smother her with their charm. Kiera was less keen. In fact she was seriously worried and I advised her to get a note from her doctor to say that it would be damaging for her to go – and to appeal the ESA decision.

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