Triage strikes again


Triage seem to be keeping up their exemplary level of abuse. On Monday we met Steve who couldn’t understand why his ESA had been stopped. He is on the assessment phase: he has submitted his detailed medical form (ESA50) and is still waiting for a Work Capability Assessment. He had already had problems with his form getting lost in the system and miraculously found again, but all had seemed OK and his doctor’s lines were up to date. Only, his money never appeared in his bank account. With no credit in his phone, he went to his mother’s work-place, and after an hour-long phone call with the DWP was again told that they didn’t have his form, and advised to go to the jobcentre. I went with him into the building, and a remarkably helpful, if slightly puzzled, advisor looked up his case and told us that his claim had actually been shut down as the Work Programme Provider, Triage, had reported that he had failed to do something. Steve explained that last time he had been in the jobcentre his advisor had told him that since he was now getting ESA and had a doctor’s line he no longer had to go to Triage, and that she would inform Triage of this fact. So either she never passed on this message, or, as has happened so often in the past, Triage took the message and ignored it. He would now have to appeal against the stopped claim, but the woman who was helping us suggested that it might still be possible to get Triage to rescind their complaint. So off we went down the road to Triage. On reflection, it would have been better for someone else to have gone with Steve. As soon as they saw me they panicked and refused to let us in on the grounds that I was going to occupy the building again. I told them that I would go so they could see Steve without me, but even with me gone, they refused to let him in, and then laughed at his predicament.

We have made contact with Welfare Rights who should be able to get this resolved, and we were able to sort out immediate help in the form of a food parcel and an application for a Scottish Welfare Fund Grant. Although Steve was understandably angry, he was not surprised, as this had not been his first experience of Triage’s interpretation of ‘supporting’ people into work.

9 thoughts on “Triage strikes again

  1. please put a twitter icon on your emails so i can share them. other people will be interested in this and info can be passed on. thanks rene ________________________________


  2. hello

    i received this petition and was hoping you would sign it also and pass it onto others. i felt it was very important. thanks very much.

    rene mcdonald



  3. hello im hoping you will sign this petition. the govt have decided to kick mentally ill people off benefits. those with a suicide risk are no longer protected either. this applies to PIP which replaces ESA. it means they will be expected to sign onto JSA but wont be able to meet the demands of the conditions of JSA so essentially will end up without any benefits = no home so on the streets with no food or protection from thugs. this is not the britain i want to live in. is it yours?

    the United Nations have already judged the govt to be in breach of a number of human rights (the act the govt will get rid of too) regarding the disabled (physically and mentally). but the govt is continuing to just wind up benefits essentially. thats the goal.

    i hope you’ll want to save the safety net and sign this petition. and pass it on to others. dont be pessimistic. petitions sometimes make great differences.

    best wishes rene mcdonald



  4. Hi Rene. I’m not sure what the petition is as there is no link, but there seems to be a bit of confusion about PIP. PIP is replacing DLA and is the benefit that is meant to cover extra costs associated with being disabled. It is not means tested and you can get it whether or not you are in work. ESA is the benefit for people unable to work. Means tested ESA is gradually being replaced by Universal Credit, but qualifying for Universal Credit as unable to work will be similar to ESA.

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  5. friends

    would you please sign this petition to help end animal cruelty in live exports. its horrific. if you saw it and heard it you would. apologies if you’ve already signed this. thanks for your time.

    rene mcdonald



  6. In Solidarity Marion Nisbet (Co-founder DPAC Glasgow)

    —– Forwarded message —– From: laura owens To: Disabled People Against Cuts Glasgow Branch Sent: Tuesday, 30 January 2018, 19:39:21 GMTSubject: Re: DPAC February Monthly meeting Agenda Hi DPAC Glasgow

    Sorry that I am just getting around to thanking you all for coming along to support out emergency public meeting at UNISON on the 13th January. Apologies that it has taken me this time to get in touch. It has been a very busy time, we have been flat out trying to arrange new care for my gran unfortunately we had to move her, like other families, my mum felt under pressure for fear of lsing a ‘placement’. 

    We have finally secured a meeting with Shona Robison on 6th February so fingers crossed it makes some sort of difference. 

    Many thanks again for your support. I will support you guys in anyway that I can in the future and think that you are all doing an  absolutely fabulous job.

    Laura Owens

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